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I walked into a Prometrics testing center this morning. I was shaking like leaf on a windy day and hoping I had crammed enough network information into my brain last night. About an hour and fifteen minutes later I was walking out with a piece of paper in my hand saying I had score a 785.

I had been working on this certification for a little over 3 months. I passed the OS on April 17th. I read Tamara Dean's "Network+ 2005 in Depth." I don't know if I would give it the highest recommendation or not. It was kind of tough reading but it will make a very good reference book, I’m sure. I also read Network+ Passport which I loved. I don't know if it would be enough, alone, to get anybody a pass and it certainly, by itself, wouldn't make you a very good Network administrator, but the authors have an excellent writing style and it held my interest all the way through.

What really put me over the top was Tech Notes. Thank you Web Master! Anyone who knows the materials listed in the Network+ plus section of this Web Site, I think, could walk into the testing room and find 40-45 questions to be no-brainers and would have some familiarity with a lot of the others!

There really wasn’t a lot of surprises on the test. Know your layers, ports, and TCP/IP stuff. Know Netware, NWLink, NCP, SPX/IPX and connectionless non- connectionless Transport protocols. The big winner on my test was the Data Link Layer. That Data Link Layer got more attention than the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction a couple of Super bowls ago!

I was asked some questions I hadn't pondered much about. Like, network layers associated with Firewall functions and Unix commands. Other than print commands, I didn't know any. Also, if I had had studied the TCP/IP Utilities a little harder, I'd probably scored a little higher but c'est la vie. Last night all I was hoping for was a 555 so I'm very happy with the outcome.

What's next? I don't know. I'm interested in everything. Especially Linux+ iNet+ and Search Engine Optimization. Still, though it doesn't make a lot of sense, I think I ought to give Security+ a shot before I get too old and my brain dries up.

Thanks again Tech Notes and thank you to many more of you who responded to some the posts I made while a was in a state of confusion. Your help is very much appreciated.
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    congrats man! i am just about to start the revision for the network+ - so touch wood i will also be net+ cert.

    btw....on a different topic, how long does it take for comptia to send certificates out? do the do this automatically or do you have to request this?
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    Congrats! icon_cool.gif
    I also have to say the tech notes here are better than many of the $30-$50 books on the market. They were 50% of my resourses for this exam. I also used the Exam Cram 2, but only made it through about 6 chapters before getting bored.
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    And thanks for the kind words about the TechNotes guys, I appreciate it :D
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    nel wrote:
    btw....on a different topic, how long does it take for comptia to send certificates out? do the do this automatically or do you have to request this?

    CompTIA will send it automatically, you dont have to request it. In most cases, you should receive the certificate and wallent card in 4 weeks.
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