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Why arent there technotes about I-net+ on this site?

I like the network+ technotes.




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    I also miss having technotes for this certification, but I suppose that since it's a relatively easier exam, coupled with the fact that most people are wanting other certs, and that our wonderful webmaster is only human, I suppose that explains the lack of technotes.

    I've just been using my Sybex book along with Wikipedia and whatever else I can find.
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    I gave it some consideration again, and I'm sorry but I don't think we'll have any iNet+ TechNotes anytime soon. I have to focus on the more popular exams to keep the site growing as fast as possible. I believe we will reach our original goal of having a free TechNotes PDF for every more or less known certification some day. Which includes iNet+, but personally, after I finished the updated Network+ PDF and the Security+ TechNotes (and the updated next year), I want to write less for CompTIA exams. Of course we will have new material for the new A+ exams and other CompTIA certs, it's just that I won't be writing much of it myself this time.

    What I 'will' do is expand our iNet+ practice exam with at least 20 new questions, and I'll try to make some time to do that soon!
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