Group policy not applying Lab w/ Vmware

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I am having an issue getting group policy to apply to a workstation. I have a server and xp pro workstation setup in Vmware. The domain is setup and I can ping by name and IP and also browse to server resources from the workstation. I am using Vmware as the DHCP and have DNS running on the server. I am not sure if DNS is setup correctly as I am a newbie in terms of DNS setup.

This is in the event viewer of the client:

Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

So this is obviously an issue but I am not sure what is causing this.
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    You said you can ping the ip and name. Try pinging the dns name of your server. Netbiosname.domain.tld. So for example, if the DC's computername is Server01 and your domain is, do a ping for Make sure your client's dns ip is the correct ip of your dns server (Domain Controller in your situation).
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    Do you have the site connector setup in Sites and Services? You specify the domain name and ip address of the site there.
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    icroyal you nabbed it. thanks alot. The DNS IP was wrong on the client. I appreciate everyone's help.
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    Not an uncommon misconfiguration. The extended version of this is to have both the domain's DNS and the ISP's DNS in the client's properties. Only the AD DNS should be there, and if internet resolution is desired, have the AD DNS server resolve it for the client either through forwarding or iteration via root hints.
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    Any one ever setup a dns and still feel like they still dont know what the eff they are doing?
    First time DNS setter upper right here.
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    Yes. This

    was really the first time I have ever setup DNS and I have no idea. Basically I figure I can learn more about it later but I just needed my lab set up right. I understand what DNS is for but not really how to set it up yet.

    Currently I work on a Helpdesk so I hardly ever deal with the server side of things...yet, thats why I am taking these tests!
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