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Hi guys,
I passed the Network+ exam yesterday with a score of 684, not a fancy score! For some reasons, I knew that I would pass the exam with low score prior to taking the test, not being cocky but from my previous experience taking many other tests with Prometric. Of course, my judgment also based on my preparedness as well.

I spent almost 3 months on and off for this exam. I used Cram Exam 2, Tech Exams Notes and practice exams, and some other online practice tests. The scores I got in practice exams in TechExams were pretty accurate. I got between 75% - 80% from the pracitce exams and the score I got from Prometric was 76%.

There are a couple of wireless questions caught me off guard, especially wireless 802.11a, I thought I remember the transfer rate and so forth and but I forgot during the test. There is another question I have no clue regarding line conditioner. Some other questions I missed were win2k and troubleshooting questions.

Anyway, I think it is easy to pass the exam with good preparation. If you wanna aim high like 90% and above, that's a different story.

I wanna get this out of my way so that I can move on to CCNA. Currently, I deal with many types of routes including Cisco, Sonic Wall, and Netscreen. I do configuring the routers, troubleshoot and make sure that the router is up on broadband followed by dial back up testing with our third party installer when they are at our business customer site. The configuration basically is generated from a template created by our network and system engineer. I am particularly interested in Cisco router and wanted to know the ins and outs of the config that was put into the Cisco box. That's the reason why I wanna go for CCNAicon_wink.gif Probably some of you can shade me some lights regarding my choice for CCNA, thanks in advance.

Thank you Johan for posting such valuable notes and all those practice questions. Way to go!

Will see you guys in CCNA forum and I will definitely check back this forum from time to time.

The sky is the limit!


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