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Ive recently passed the A+ and I am desperate to get a job. Im just looking for an entry level job to get me some experience and build my confidence. Ive give my CV to every employment agency I can think of. Does anyone know of any good places to look for entry level tech jobs in the UK? Or any agencies that specialise in newly certified people? Im starting to give up hope and even if I pass the Server+ and Network+ its almost impossible to find someone willing to take me on with no experience.

Does anyone know of any where I could do some voluntary work in IT just to gain some experience. Ive been on to the Job Centre over it but theyre useless.



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    hello saddlebags - where in the u.k do you live?

    here are a few sites worth looking at.

    search for the likes of IT helpdesk which will be a gd start. depending where you live in the UK the pay will vary but dont expect to earn the crown jewels! ;)......use this as building blocks and work your way up. thats what i am having to do (at this very mo). so hopefully i mite see you up the ladder in a few years time...who knows :).

    if you find any gd sites could you please pm me and return the favour just to add them to my list for the records.

    ...hope this has helped. if you dont like em just google some words.
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    Thanks for the reply, Im in Liverpool. Im not too bothered about money just as long as I can get there and back every day and pay my bills, Im just after the experience.

    Thanks for the links.

    The site Ive been using mostly are:

    Theyre good sites and have tons of stuff if you have the experience.
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