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icon_sad.gif Could anyone tell me, is it possible to pass the A+ exams without any hands-on experience, I have tried to get some real experience but have not been able too ~ Thanks Jai


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    Yes it is very possible. Our administrative assistant (secretary) who basically has no hands-on with computers (beyond being good at MS Office stuff) passed the hardware portion of the A+ a few weeks ago and is scheduled to take the OS portion soon. She is smart with a Masters degree in Business, but again no hands-on with PC's.
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    sprkymrk ~ Appreciated your reply ~ Thankyou
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    Probably the only hands on experience you may need or that might be helpful is to crack open the case to your PC and take a look at the parts, and possibly their general location on the motherboard and case.
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    Try to do at least as danman suggests and take your computer apart and learn the geography of your motherboard.
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