Failed my first attempt with 784 need guidance

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Hello every1 :D

Im posting to ask for your advice. I have taken the network academy programme and bought the cisco press 640-607 book by mr odom and have found that i still havent covered all the areas needed for the CCNA i am a uni student and have no networking experience other than the academy course which was helpful but i took it bout 8 months ago although i still have the labs in my notes. I got a question on a topic i neva expected. Cabling! Just sayin is was centered around crossover or straight through etc. Should i be looking for more study aids?
My scores were as follows 100 in bridging and switching OSi 100 routed 75 routing 56 wan services 50 network management 50 LAN tech 67 and basics 50? What do you think i need to focus on? I know i need more practise with the sims i find it difficult to deduce what is required not doin it. Thankyou webmaster please reply i cud do with your advice and experience on this matter icon_wink.gif
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