Licensing comprehension problem.

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Hey all,
Coming to the people that might be able to help me out the best.
So in Chapter 1 of the Syngress book questions it has a question about licensing. It seems I get them backwards but I am really sure the book is messin with me.

Question is this.
"Your company is open ALL day every day. Everyone works a full 4+4 hour shift, three shifts. all shifts work on same comp. over nex 6 months you are rolling out xp, servr2k3. Company has 1501 workstations, 4500 users, and 50 srvrs. Which licensing model should you use?

A.) Per User Licensing
B.) Per Device Licensing
C.) Per Server licensing
D.) External Connector licinsing.

Answer is B. You have fewer users than machines, making per device licensing the most cost-effective route.

WTF? it Obvously states 1501 workstation + 50 servers vs 4500 users!??? WAY MORE USERS

Maybe im looking at it differently but its starting to really piss me off.


*note some of the words/numbers have been changed from the actual book.
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    I've seen Sybex practice exams get their answers backwards, that it doesn't even jive with the explanation.

    But don't knock Sybex too hard. I've seen stuff like that with just about every practice exam.

    In this test, you actually have MORE users than machines.
    Last I checked 4500>1501. Maybe they are using imaginary users thus using imaginary numbers.
    Oops, that would be an advanced math ciriculum, not an MS one.

    Per user would require at least 4500 licenses.
    Per device would require at least 1501 (I don't think you count servers as devices, do you?) license. If servers are to be included then 1551 licenses.
    Per server would require 1500 concurrent logins (4500 employees /3 shifts) x 50 servers (assuming each login uses all 50 servers) for 75,000 licenses
    External connection licenses don't apply here.
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    Well, Can someone just agree with me in the answer being B only because there are FEWER DEVICES and NOT fewer users?
    Even that would just make me feel sane. Or am I still wrong in thinking that?
    A+, MCP(270,290), CCNA 2008.
    Working back on my CCNA and then possibly CCNP.
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    I would of answered B to that question as well.
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    It's b. That had to be a typo in the explanation.
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  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Yes, B, for the reasons I gave.
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