MCSE Track:has the requirements changed? [no]

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Can anyone tell me if the MCSE track changed recently. I did not remember there being so many exams. I was thinking that after I MCSA that there was only 2 more.

Ex: The link above shows 7 exams.


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    TeKniquesTeKniques Member Posts: 1,262 ■■■■□□□□□□
    It is in fact 7 exams.

    For 2003:

    210 or 270
    297 or 298

    + another elective for a specialization (Messaging/Security).
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    It's been 7 exams since MCSE 2000
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    jpeezy55jpeezy55 Member Posts: 255
    The only thing that has really changed is the content of the exam...They've added more involved sims to make sure you know how to do the tasks instead of just picking A, B, C, or D for everything...

    Maybe someone can verify this for me, it was last year, June 2005 that they changed the 70-290 and up exams, correct? icon_confused.gif

    Other than that, the amount has not changed.
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    DAMINGOKID wrote:
    I was thinking that after I MCSA that there was only 2 more.
    Your A+&Net+ (or MCDST) is valid as an MCSA elective, but not as an MCSE elective. So for those who used Security+ as an elective for the MCSA exam (or are MCSA 2000), it is 3 exams, for others it's 4.

    MCSA: 70-270+290+291+elective = 4 exams

    MCSE: 70-270+290+291+293+294+design(297or29icon_cool.gif+elective = 7 exams

    BUT, if the MCSA elective is not valid as an MCSE elective (i.e. A+&Net+ or MCDST) than your MCSA is good for only 3 MCSE exams (270+290+291), hence you will need 4 exams after MCSA to become MCSE. The 293,294, a design exam (297or29icon_cool.gif and one elective (security+ or one of the many MS electives such as Exchange or SQL server).

    (70270 can be replaced with 70210 in the above examples)
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    DAMINGOKIDDAMINGOKID Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks to all!!!!!!!!!! Your info has been valuable. I see that it's time to get down to the nitty gritty. So starting now I will be saddling up and riding out. First stop 70-290.

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