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Im currently employed by my company full time but have recently gotten calls about project jobs in wall street, midtown/downtown manhattan. i got one call for a position of a desktop/Mac + PC tech support, which is 1 year contract to perm with a pay rate of $26/hr. Im thinking about leaving my current job without a notice. Im not the type to burn bridges but since they have me doing 3 jobs, over working me and expect me (recently) to configure 300 desktops in 3 days.. I think its time to leave... bottom line $26/hr+gaining experience beats an overworking $12/hr. should i just leave? what are your thoughts?


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    I would give at least a weeks notice.
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    $26/hr is high for a PC tech job. Plus it's a long term contract. Go for it, dude.
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    I was thinking the same thing, at least a week's notice but what if the position is an immediate start?
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    $26 is high but he probably doesn't get health insurance. Still would be better than the other job though.
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    Find out when they need you, if they need you right away, talk to your present employer and tell them you really wanted to give a week notice, but the job wants you now or never. That happened to me three years ago, and they were happy I had been considerate. Guess what? Turned out that our director at my old job became the director in my new job. Strange conincidence, but it could happen. good luck
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    definitely go to the money and take the new place.
    But sounds like you're pretty important to you current employer so I'd say give at least a week's notice, time for them to get someone else or recoordinate resources otherwise.

    regarding the 26/hr but w/out health.... i get 26/hr + all the benefits.
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    As others have said, I would go for the $26/hr job, but I would also give a notice to your current employer. You've been there a while and it would be a nice reference to have.

    Just tell them that everyone needs a chance to advance their career and you see this opportunity that you cannot turn down. If they don't understand that then there is something wrong with them.

    Good luck.
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    I know it is hard, but try to give some type of notice.

    For your health insurance, you can use COBRA for 18 months. Incorporate and you can deduct all your expenses (if they will allow you to work that way).
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    I have to agree with the majority here - give a week's notice. You may get lucky and they'll just tell you to leave. If not though, as was mentioned you've been there long enough to use them as a reference in the future. Burning bridges is bad.
    Oh and congrats on the offer! icon_cool.gif
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