two questions about Layer 2

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1. What are two purposes for segmentation with a brdige?
A. Add more broadcast domain
B. Create more collision domains
C. Add more bandwidth for users
D. Allow more broadcasts for users.
E Reduce collisions within a broadcast domain
F. Increase the number of collision domains

The correct answer is [ B, C]. My question is why the answer is not [C, E] or [C, F]. Because the bridge can break up the collision domain, so I think it can reduce collision with a broadcast domain because it break a large collision into multiple smaller collision domains. In fact, i think B and F are talking about the same thing.

2. Which of the following describe a MAC address? ( choose two.)
A. It is a globally unique IP address.
B. It is a unique address in a a broadcast domain.
C. It is provided by the manufacture of the NIC.
D It is used as part of the IPX/SPX configuration.
E. It is a logical address.

The correct answer is [C, D]. My questions is why B is wrong. The MAC address is burned into the NIC by manufacture, which consists of OUI and the manufacture-assigned address. so it should be a unique address world wide, and of course in a broadcast domain. right?


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    For number 1, B and F say the same thing. E is certainly correct. While C is true, it is more true of a switch.

    For number 2, A is sort of true for a particular technology. For example, an ethernet NIC and a FDDI NIC could have the same MAC assigned by the manufacturer of both type of NICs since there is no possibility that they would share the same network segment. Most devices have software that will let you override the BIA with any MAC you wish. B may be true, except that you can override the BIA. C and D are true.
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    darwinismdarwinism Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Broadcast domains are Layer3, MAC addresses and collision domains are layer2.
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    BubbaJBubbaJ Member Posts: 323
    darwinism wrote:
    Broadcast domains are Layer3, MAC addresses and collision domains are layer2.
    I read a Cisco document that says broadcast domains are bounded by Layer 3 devices, while collision domains are bounded by Layer 2 devices.

    To be certain what you are saying, there are Layer 2 broadcasts, as well as Layer 3 broadcasts.
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