hi. ı am new join. Please help me (70-290 exam)

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Hi i am form istanbul. I am soryy for bad english.

(70-290) exam required.

recommendation web site (for exam)

and 70-290 exam which subject include ??

for help thank......


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    Check out the following page and the links on it:

    First thing you should do is download get the "Skills Being Measured" from the Microsoft website:

    Then you probably want to buy a book (e.g. Microsoft 70-290 Training Kit) and a copy of Windows 2003 and practice all the features related to the exam objectives. Add a good set of practice questions (transcenders, preplogic, etc) and then you should have all you need to prepare for this exam.

    Good luck!
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    for answer thank

    do you speak turkısh "Merhaba" !!!

    to want subject info

    which more easy exam ?
    (70-210) (70-290)
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    which more easy exam ?
    (70-210) (70-290)


    70-210 is a client exam, 70-290 exam is a server exam. They're pretty different.

    I'm assuming you meant which is more difficult, 70-210 (windows 2000 pro)or 70-270 (windows xp pro) because you actually get to choose which to take out of those 2. If this is the case, it depends. Do you have more experience working on 2000 or xp? Personally, I'd go with xp because it is more updated and especially with the vista coming out, most enterprises will have xp/vista, especially a few years from now.
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    hakanca wrote:
    do you speak turkish "Merhaba" !!!
    :) Just a bit, I have two turkish neigbors and been on vacation to Alanya and Side icon_sunny.gif

    Are you going to do the 70-210 (Windows 2000 Professional) for the MCSA 2003, e.g.: 70-210+290+291+elective?

    70-210 (windows 2000 professional 'client') is a lot easier than 290 (windows 2003 'server').
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