Passed A+ OS Tech

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I just passed OS today and it was not easy. I got 670. I thought I would barely passed or even failed.
One thing I would like to share to others is that OS test has some of the Hardware questions and I have not take the Hareware test yet and have not study for it. Therefore, I could not answer the hardware questions.
My experience as a computer tech helped me as I can answer some of them. Therefore, better take hardware test first, before take the OS.

Thanks to again for such a great forum.


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    I chose the take the hardware core first because I had more experience with it. I found the OS to be quite challenging as well. I used lots of practice questions to help me remember the different required files (io, autoexec, etc..)

    good luck with your hardware part!
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    thanks for the congrats. i am going to take the hardware next week and hope i learn fast enough pass.
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    Congrats on the pass! I took the hardware first, and there were a few questions on there that I considered more OS-related, so I think it goes both ways.
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