DNS Zone Delegation PLEASE HELP!

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Can someone please give me STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to create a dns zone delegation? I have a Primary DNS box up, running, and configured perfectly. I have DNS loaded on a 2nd box that is networked, both W2K3.

I have followed the MS-Press 70-291 instructions many times - they have you create A records for the main and second DNS server in the newly created sub-zone. The then ask you to ping the second DNS server from the first and that works for me, but the newly delegated zone does not have the _mcdcs, _sites, _tcp, _udp, domaindnszones, forrestdnszones folders. According to James Conrad from CBT Nuggets these folders are required. When James creates his delegation on the 70-291 video, he has to use "netdiag /fix" in order to get the records I mentioned, but he does not say why - just says they are not there, which is a problem, so run "netdiag /fix". If I am asked to create a delegation on the exam I may not have that tool.

I feel like I completly understand delegation (guess you will be the judge of that). Seems easy really, but who is right CBT or MS-Press? Am I missing something.



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    Delegation does not have the _ subdomains. Delegation ONLY has the Name Server record of the server which is hosting the other domain. This is a simple static method which allows queries to be successfuly resolved lower in the namespace (child domains). Dns part 2 video on 291 watch at 24:40 and you'll see the delegation with only the NS record. Now go to 28:00 and you'll see the stub zone which is a more dynamic method of doing delegation because it has the SOA record which allows it to know if there is a newer version of the child domain's entries. Stub zones also do NOT have the _ subdomains. You ONLY have to worry about the _subdomains on the primary dns. Go to your primary dns and delete the _subdomains and the netdiag /fix will correctly restore them.
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