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I know that most of the cisco cetification has a valid period, i.e. CCNA is valid for 3 years. Does this period really affect your job. I means if I apply a job using a CCNA cert that already epired a year or so, do the employer really take this into account? Or, If i already work as a network engineer that required CCNA, after my CCNA expired, will my boss say, " Hey, you are not a CCNA anymore, pack you things and go home." Or they just don't care cause you already have the required skill, the validity of the cert is not important anymore.
Thank you
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    That's a pretty general question.

    Put it this way, if you were the team manager, and there's a technician with an expired certification, and someone applying for that same job younger, better educated, and has a valid certification, what would you do? Yes, the first time someone like that applies for a job, you might give the tech with the expired cert. a chance to renew, but how about when lots of people with better qualifications start to apply for a job that someone under-qualified current holds? I think there's a high chance anyone would make the choice of firing some behinds.

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    If i was the team manager i would keep the current technican if he can do his job well regardless of expired certs.The importance of the cert depends on the company, if you work for a company who require you to get certified due to service level agreements with cisco you will be encouraged to continue studying, so i doubt you're cert will expire.I.For most jobs the cert is a foot in the door,after you have the job and work to the required standard, certs dont matter, but its good to keep studying and getting certs so you have the opportunity to change jobs when you feel like it and its a good way to negotiate pay rises.
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