Remote Desktops for XP?

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I love the remote desktops feature in Windows Server 2003. Is there anyway to get remote desktops for Windows XP? I've tried googling but only get regular remote desktop results. Thanks in advance.
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    XP Pro has Remote Desktop capability. The Home edition has this disabled (though remote assistance still works as a client).

    If you have Pro, go to properties of My Computer, click on Remote tab, and enable RD. Then add users to the Remote Desktop group. If they are members of Administrators group, they will already have RD rights.

    If you have firewalls or NAT involved, you'll need to allow 3389 to be passed/forward to your XP.
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    Another thing to remember is that Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 allow up to two Remote (Administration) Desktops exclusive of a local console logon, but XP Pro only allows one (including the person logged on to PC), so if someone is already logged in, it will prompt you to log them off first.

    But, Remote Desktop definitely works in XP. You may want to look into the various other remote desktop technologies as well, if you are doing a lot of XP to XP, XP to Win2K Pro, such as VNC or PCAnywhere.

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    Now I have to wait til I get home and figure out why I suddenly can't access my PC at home from the net. I bet the router got stuck and isn't forwarding.
    Or it could be the remote desktop setting got hosed, though I think it worked yesterday morning.
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