I took a custom version of the 70-291 exam at an interview

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I went to an interview today, unexpectedly, they handed me a test with questions pulled from the 70-291 exam. Now, I don't know how well I did because I had to guess some questions. The test had 20 questions in MS ( long paragraphs) format and I had 15 minutes to finish. They also brought in 2 guys from the IT department to ask me questions. All questions were on DNS 75%, Subnetting15% and Exchange10%. Interview lasted about 2 hrs. :D
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    Wow... Sounds like quite the interview!
    Best of luck to you on that!
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    ya, that would scare me... Probably because im just starting to study my 290 ha.
    GL pal, hope you did well.

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    Sounds like they are trying to weed out any 'book' smart candidates, and want people who know the technology cold.

    These types of interviews are difficult usually because they are unexpected and you are already a bit nervous... not usually due to the content of the questions.

    The last interview I had was interesting (although I did have a heads up it was part of the interview process): Algebraic math problems (solve for X type questions where there were multiple variables, but not hard), sit down and start programming in Visual Studio with them looking over my shoulder (some basic Windows controls and string manipulation requirements, again not difficult, but enough to rattle someone without some experience), and write a standard SQL statement to pull all the rows from a single table (a basic SELECT * statement, simple, but for a couple of Computer Science guys fresh out of school, it seemed to throw them... even to the point of them trying to talk their way into the answer with the interviewer)... among others that are more traditional. Funny thing is, this wasn't the technical interview.

    Good luck... it sure sounded "johnny-on-the-spot" tough.

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    Nice length for an interview - Good luck to you!
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    Hey, the company atleast is trying to do their homework and being thorough about things. Maybe they got burned in the past. Good luck
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