291 aint no beast - Passed 914

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Passed with a score 914. This exam wasnt so bad. I found the 290 exam had some trickier questions. The questions in this are more straight forward, but definitely require experience with dealing with DNS console DHCP RRAS, and the basic IP and Subnetting rules. The questions are easier to know what they are asking and the Sims were stright forward, although you must know your way around DNS and creating zones and A, MX records ect, knowing DHCP rules and options which are stright forward and there is a bit from 290 about Security templates, using Network and system monitor. This aint no beast, but with no hands on experience with server 2003 regulary and the mentioned topics, u will definitely struggle. Off to 293, hope to nail it within 4 weeks. Any advised study material?


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    Good job! Congrats to you. icon_cool.gif
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    Nice score , Comgrat's !
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    Congrats! Very nice score.
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    Congratz, kovo! what materials did you used? :)
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    Are you like with some training company that's making you take all these exams one after the other?? icon_confused.gif
    witty comment
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    Mate ive done 3 exams since the start of the year, i work as a systems engineer, no training company champ. Im taking one exam after the other because im going for MCSE, did 290 in may so i dont know where your coming from mate. For the the other lad i used Sybex, MS Press and Lab setup, i get a lot of exposure at work with server 2003 so i was familiar with quite a bit of it already. for 3 weeks staright basically all day work, than couple hours each night study.
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    kovo wrote:
    Any advised study material?

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but TestOut CBTs are great. I'm using them now for 293.
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