Going for MCSA, where to start ???

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I am a little bit confused, started working on 70-270, lke advised by the IT cert routes, but saw on Microsoft site that shoud start with 70-290 (some of the courses are pre requesites for 70-270) so ........ What is ur experience about that ? Which way to go ? I have about 3 weeks for the first exam, (may be 2 exams at the same time, cause have to travel about 400 km to take the tests)
Your advice will be much appreciated
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  • jpeezy55jpeezy55 Member Posts: 255
    It's really your preference which one you do first...either way, you need both of them at some point.

    I took and passed 70-270 first, but as I got into 290, I realized that a lot of material there is also on 270, so it would not hurt you to do 290 first...but like I said, it's just a personal preference on what order you take the exams.

    Good Luck! :D
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    Well, you're not taking courses, are you? All the tests overlap to some extent, so do what you feel most comfortable doing first and get the appropriate study materials that focus on the objectives of the test.
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    Personally I started with the 70-270. I am currently studying 290 and so on.
    I almost wish I had started 290 first though.
    Could go either way imo.
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    Thanks guys for ur inputs ... Cessation can u tell me why u wish u started with 290 ?
    Working on MCSA and CCNA
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    I found 270 easier than 290 but then it's whatever you feel most comfortable with.
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