OSPF over Frame Relay

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I have got my ospf network working properly, got 3 routers all in the same OSPF area all connected properly.

I decided to be tricky and see if i could configure frame-relay to work with my OSPF network. I have my frame-relay conf working correctly i.e configured a router as a DCE and can ping between my two DTE routers on either end of the DCE.

However it does not seem as thou an OSPF LSAs or LSUs are being passed through the DCE. I have added routers to each of the DTEs and configured OSPF which works but only for the routers on their side of ther DCE.

doing a sh ip ospf databse command shows only routers that are on the same side of the DCE, not routers that are on the other side.

So my question, do i need to configure something on the DCE to allow it to pass the OSPF LSAs? or is there something else i am missing.

As i said all OSPF connections are working correctly on their respective sides of the DCE. The two DTEs connected to the DCE can ping each other but not the next router.... im stuck.
CCIE# 38186


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