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Hi everyone,

I just got a new IT job recently. This is the first job I've gotten that's related to what I've graduated from in '00. I guess I finally got my big break after wasting 3 years. The job is basically entry-level support, but I was promised that I would learning along the way. Well, I'm not learning anything much. This is not that bad but the whole department is located in another state-and I guess no one wants to bother with me. I've tried asking questions about certain incidents-but my phone calls or emails are shrugged off every time. Thanks to this site- though Im learning so much than I've ever imagined. I've also bought several A+ certification training books to learn things and with the Lord's help I plan on taking the exams this year. Thanks for making this such a cool site!!


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    Thanks for the compliments about the site. Just hang in there, keep learning, and most important have fun doing it, one day they'll be asking you for help.
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    Try discussing this issue with your local manager and see if you can get a trip to the department in the other state, based on the fact that it will enable you to be more efficient. (maybe a long shot, but should at least be worth considering for your manager)
    The face to face contact is invaluable in the scenario like this. Even though it shouldn't be like this, if you're just "the voice on the other side of the line" peeps find it much easier to ignore you.
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    yep- it is a long shot. they arn't looking for anyone else for now.
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    I didnt mean for you to permanently go over there, just for a day or three, to meet the peeps face to face
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