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Surfind microsoft web site , I saw one thing.
Curently I'm learning and geting my exam's for my MCSA , I'm MCP already , 70-290,70-270 , next to 70-291.
I saw that I can alternate one of the elective's with MCDST : ( wchich is 70-271+70-272 ) so I can become MCDST,MCP and MCSA to and in the future MCSE to ;).

It's a good thing to do ?

How are this exam's , I mean , 70-271+70-272 , hard , easier , than 70-270 or 70-290 per example ?
How much time should I learn for one , I saw on microsft site , that both exam's taining can be acomplished in 6 day's , 3 one and 3 another one.

Are this exam's hard to get ? What is all about there , I mean , I like to learn , I'm 18 , not a job yet. learn thing's in all domain's.

What do you recomend me ? Please any recomend's from people who know what they are telling. Thank's all , in advance ;)
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    I think it all depends on your experience level, and I definitely recommend getting practice questions to verify your readiness before laying down the cash to take the exams.

    Regarding their difficulty level, they are much easier than both 70-270 and 70-290 (IMHO), and 70-271 has some definite overlap with 70-270. 70-272 is mainly application (MS Office, MS Outlook Express, MS Internet Explorer) related configuration and troubleshooting. Although a few have said it was harder for them than 70-271, for me it was much easier.

    You have the MS testing format down, and if you've got some experience with the technology (see the exams objectives), you'll easily be able to tackle them (and apply the MCDST as your elective for becoming a MCSA).

    Best of Luck,
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    check your PM.

    Good luck!
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    If you are planning to go ahead towards MCSE, the MCDST would not satisfy the elective requirement. If you are going to pursue MCSE in the near future, check out the MCSE electives. Just about all are valid for MCSA as well.

    This is only to minimize the number of needed exams. If you want the MCDST, go for it. Just realize that you'll need another elective to get MCSE.
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    Good point an , but now I just want to go to MCSA :

    I have 70-270,70-290,70-291 ( in the near future ) , and MCDST ? Isen't it a MCSA ? Then I have to take another exam's to become MCSE to .I'll just check , the number of exam's isen't really important to me , just if it is good to have MCDST to , I think is important the cert and the knowledge to;)
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    Once you get 291, you'll have MCSE. Add 293, 294, 297/298 and one more MCSE elective and you have MCSE.
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    I think your wrong :D
    Once you get 291, you'll have MCSE.

    -once I get 291 , I'll be MCSA , I have to take an elective to ;) MCDST is my elective for my MCSA.
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    Yes, I meant MCSA. icon_redface.gif
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    Acomplished in 6 days.. sure I guess if you been the field a while and work with this stuff everyday. But if your new to this information highly unlikely. The book alone is 800 pages. Im giving myself 2 weeks to study and I just got my book yesterday and have already done chapter one which took a good few hours really memorizing the info. My goal is MCSA as well. Good Luck
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    @dan87951 , I guess talking about me ?

    -70-271,is Windows XP basic knowledge.something like how work's IE , how des XP boot , quota's and stuff like that.
    -I first took 70-270 , I learned for two weeks for it { learn is a mean to say , I know Windows XP ,I work with it like a desktop user , at home, so it was easy for me,altough I can grant you I don't know 100% all those stuff's I just want to learn how to work with the maority of OS's like { Windows , Linux UNIX (BSD) & MAC }.
    -the book is 800 page's but if you know , like working like day to day with a desktop XP it's easy to pass the exam,remember pass is 700 , and is easily to achieve this score altough you don't learn from any book's or some test's , just a little day by day handwork with desktop {your personal desktop XP}.

    This is the point , Good luck to icon_wink.gif
    Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treament. (Kent Beck)
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