Passed Today 794

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No matter how many Net Admins/Security Admins that talk badly about the exam because they failed, don't pay any attention to them. I have a hard time understand these forums and why people spend money on so much study material. One book and a few practice exams. SIMPLY PUT THE TEST IS EASY ! if you want to know what questions was on the test *edited* study hard and sit the exam icon_exclaim.gif


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    congrats man !

    please can you list wat study materials you actually used to preper. wat are you up next on?[/b]
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    I'm beginning to question the validity of CompTIA exams in general. It doesn't say much about their value when you can skim through one source and still pass with a high score.
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    Grats on the pass!

    In regards to CompTIA exams... The reason they seem so easy to many people is because they are usually geared towards the thought that they represent a certain amount of knowledge one would gain by working in the field.

    A lot of us who take these tests already work experience or lots of experience as a hobby... So much so that half the test is common sense to us while the other half is the stuff you didn’t know or needed to brush up on.

    I honestly think CompTIA achieves their goal. I think someone with the amount of time spent doing security or networking could pass these tests with just brushing up on the material a little bit before hand.

    I hope I'm conveying my thoughts to everyone correctly.
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    I agree with you on A+ and Net+, but I found the Sec+ sufficiently challenging.

    Not to detract from your passing, but considering you came within about 3-4 questions away from failing and about 13 or so questions you answered wrong, it wasn't much easier for you as it may have been for the rest of us. This test has a passing equivalent to an 830 on MS exams.
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    Congrats on making it. I failed my first attempt
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    For you guys that want to know. I used "The Security+ Exam Guide" by Christopher A. Crayton

    An for the comment of me being 3-4 from failing, ahahah I passed, I'll just put it like this I was never dumb founded or stumped on any of the question, and I had about 35min left. I'm 22yrs old, sometimes I wonder to myself how old are these people wying because they failed a IT exam. Study harder next time and be positive.
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