Networking and router question... pls help

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1) laptop to fastethernet port , use what cable ? striaght or cross?
laptop to switch - striaght cable
laptop to hub - striaght cable
router to switch - cross cable

2) those cisco router, i understand did startup config is store in the NVRAM. Is NVRAM same as DRAM ?

3) If my old cisco router is spoil now,i buy a new router, I can just transfer the NVRAM card/module to the new router?

4) if i got a tftp server, and ios in my laptop, is there any way i can upload the ios from my laptop to the router flash, or do i have to telnet to the new router and connect the laptop to the fastethernet port then #copy tpfp flash

5) if telnet via console port. how can i transfer the ios to my laptop


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    1) Laptop to Fastethernet - Crossover.
    Laptop to switch - straight.
    Laptop to hub - straight.
    Router to Switch - straight.

    2) NVRAM stands for Non-Volatile RAM - just means that (for the most part) it doesn't change. Stays in memory when the router is powered down. DRAM is "Dynamic" or "changing" RAM - changes when the Router is powered down.

    3) Not too sure about this one - most likely the case depending on the router - but I've never done it myself - so this is just a guess.

    4) To get the IOS from your laptop to the router - console into the router & make sure you have a crossover cable connected between router & PC. Once you have your tftp server configured properly, then type copy tftp flash.

    5) You do not telnet via console port. To transfer the IOS to the laptop, make sure the crossover cable is connected from router to PC via ethernet - that the tftp server is running and setup correctly -then type copy flash tftp.
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    Some routers will let you xmodem the IOS over the console connection.
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