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Hi to all. I wrote my S+ on friday the 4th of Aug and well i failed it badly.
Its a pitty i didnt find this site before i wrote. I studied from one book and I suppose thats the reason (OH yes and the fact that its a shitty book). I got arround 10 questions on the exam that I could say its in the book i used to study. The rest was stuff i picked up along the way but clearly thats not enough.

Congrats to all that passed the exam. PS if you guys have any useful info on what to study and were to get it on the net it will be graetly appreciated

And then to all of us still in shock after our first or second failed attempt on the exam ...... all i got to say LETS STUDY, PREP, STUDY SOME MORE AND THEN LETS GO AND WHIP THAT EXAM WITH A MIN PASSING SCORE OF 800.
So all the best with the studdies not only 4 the S+ but to all thats passed on to greener fields


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    G'day mdsh and welcome to the site. Sorry about the fail, but it can happen. Keep your eyes open and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge here.
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    Better luck next time friend! Try the Security+ technotes on this site if you haven't already. They are highly recommended. Also, make SURE you are very comfortable with encryption/cryptography. That seems to be the killer on this exam.
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