Ubuntu Linux for Network Plus Prep

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I recently installed Ubuntu Linux on my Main box in addition I also bought a book called "Beginning Ubuntu Linux, From Novice to Professional" by Keir Thomas. I am still learning the OS but I want to use Ubuntu to pratice different network switches as well as learn another OS.

Is this a good OS to learn Samba off of?
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    Not sure about Samba on Ubuntu, but I would look more into SuSe or Fedora Core. I have my Fedora box set up to access my Windows machines. Unfortunately I have not yet configured it vise versa...

    I would look through that book you bought and see what Samba information you can find. If there is not sufficient amounts, I'd suggest getting a book on Samba itself, I've seen several.

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    I've had very good luck with Fedora, (now in it's fifth edition,) and I've been told Novell's working very hard to make everything as easy to deal with as possible, in SuSE.

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    I still haven't taken the test. However I have had Ubuntu running on my laptop for over a year and have had Samba installed to communicate with my Windows machines.

    As far as Network+ goes and the experience I've had tinkering with Samba, there hasn't been a Samba related question I've seen that I couldn't answer.

    'sudo apt-get install smbfs' to be able to auto mount samba shares in /etc/fstab
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