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Become the stainless steel sharp knife in a drawer full of rusty spoons


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    Good Post! I needed that!

    It's nice to see what I've figured out about the Security Lab matches what someone who's successfully passed it suggests :D

    I forgot that the Networker's Presentations were available by subscription -- I followed the link from the Blog and checked out the topics -- might be useful for both R&S and Security -- even just watching the "Troubleshooting" presentations could make it worth the $200. I'm also going to take another look at the Trinet workbook -- I've been looking for individual security topic labs.
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    i'll have to see the trinet stuff for R/S ... icon_study.gif
    Become the stainless steel sharp knife in a drawer full of rusty spoons
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    Sweet Post.....nice article. I think I have to bookmark that and read it everytime I'm getting lazy!

    One thing that everybody mentions in articles like that is always:

    "Forget about your Social Life! You won't have one!"

    Anyway, did anyone hear anything from Darby Weaver?

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    I ask this once , and here my answer come's unexpected !

    Cool stuf , thank's ! icon_wink.gif
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