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This might be a crazy question. Have you ever see a keyboard with a lock keyboard button? I did have an old computer that you can lock the keyboard with a key. But, have anyone ever see a keyboard with the lock keyboard button?

just curious and been studying for the core exam. Test tomorrow. Thanks.


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    what did the lock button do? disables all the keys?
    I've seen USB keyboards with a lock button that disables the function keys. I think it toggle the function keys as function key/characters....

    besides that, I dont think I have seen any key lock....
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  • miclchmiclch Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
    the button supposed to lock the computer, so that when the computer restarts, it will give keyboard error...
    just curious..
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    I've seen devices like that, both built into the keyboard and seperate. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, unless it's a high-end security device, it's more trouble than it's worth to use something like this. However, there are some things that are worth looking at, if you've got the cash. This, for example, is a proximity detector that you can plug into your computer. When you move the sensor more than a few feet away from the computer, Windows goes into standby, then unlocks when you come back:

    There are other devices that can lock out your computer with a touch, but I'd say test them out before you really use them. Fingerprint scanners, password managers, and even other devices like the one above, can be buggy and weird, and do untold damage to your computer, if they're not designed specifically for what you've got.

    There are lots of devices like this. This one is a password manager:

    This one isn't for your computer, but it's fun, nonetheless:

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything with the locking features built into the keyboard, specifically, but I'm sure it can be found.

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