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Does A+ and N+ count as electives towards MCSA? If yes, do they cover for (WIN XP and WIN 2000 pro) microsoft client exams? Or are they not used any more?


  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Together they do count as an MCSA elective. You have to get Comptia to send certification to MS that you completed these two exams, then it appears on your MS transcript. Note though, A+/N+ is not useable as an MCSE elective, though Sec+ is valid for both MCSA and MCSE.

    Not sure about the 2nd part to your question. If you are asking does it subtitute for one of the client exams then no, you still have to take a client exam. The A+/N+ is an elective option, not a client requirement option.
    If you are asking if A+ or N+ have XP or 2KPro topics as objectives, in a general sense, yes.
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