exam cram book from 1999 - too out of date to use?

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I bought a second hand Exam Cram Network+ book.

The latest year of copyright seems to be 1999.

Is it too outdated to use?


  • bighornsheepbighornsheep Member Posts: 1,506
    how come you bought a 1999 version?

    the current Network+ exam is based on 2005 objectives...the domain weight has also changed....anyway....use that in conjunction with technotes from this site....do lots of practice question...you SHOULD be fine....
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    I doubt that book would have much on fiber optic technology. At least not the latest connectors. Wireless would be lacking too.
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    I have Exam Cram 2 N10-003 Study Guide and 500 Question Pratice Question book. In addition I have access to on-line books N10-003 Matrial. I am supprsied how much N10-002 material was inside N10-003 books. I would suggest printing out the 2005 Network Plus objectives and brakeing them down into sections and go from there.

    The Tech Notes from here are very good as well. CBT don't hurt either.

    Good luck
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    Really was my own fault for not getting details.
    Saw the tech notes here before I posted actually, they look great.

    I'll brake have a look at the current objectives and match them up against the book and see whats missing.

    thanks for the help.
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    i would just go for a up to date version of a book i.e. mike meyers or exam cram etc. because even though previous topics may be included...it is alot better to have things that are relevant then there is no excuse in missing, what maybe, vital topics. remem it is important to have more than one source of material whether it is the technotes from here, a book you bought or cbt stuff. the more the better! one may tell you something one way and the other may explain it better for you. or if not google it and that may do it for you.
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