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I came across this question in my Exam Cram 2 500 question book. I and I need some clairifaction.

You are working on a Linux System and are having problems trying to ping a remote system by it's hostname. DNS resoulation is not configured for the system. What file might you look in to begin troubleshooting the resoulation problem.


The Answer page was torn out but I would guess the Answer is A.
I belive the "Hosts" file in Windows and other operating systems is used to associate host names with IP addresses?

Please Advise
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    you are right, the answer is HOSTS....

    I am 99% sure...I have a similar question too from my study materials
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    That's where MS took it from. HOSTS file specifications came along before DNS specifications.

    Resolv file specifies the domain suffix the system belongs to, and what DNS server to go to for resolution. Since question specifies DNS was intentionally not configured, this doesn't apply.

    Password specifies users' password
    I never heard of StaticDNS. Probably an answer to throw you off.
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