270 and 290 at the same time ..... need your advice !!!

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Was planning on taking both exams at the same time (to reduce travelling costs ...) Those of you who passed both exams, do you think it is a good idea ? Going throught the material, I see that there is an overlapping on almost all the objectives .... Thoughts, suggestions, please I need your advice

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    Ideally, you really want to take them seperately. There is a lot of material that overlaps, but there is just as much that is seperate. Then again, if traveling to the testing center is a big problem, it may be worth your while to take the tests together. . . if you are as ready for them as you would be if you were taking them seperately, that is.

    I hope you pass them, good luck.

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    If you can keep the subject matter from the two exams separate and learn both of them I'd say go for it. I would offer a warning though. Do not think that the to exams are similar enough to go in prepared for one and then feel you way through the other. True their is a lot over overlap between the two but there is a vast amount of information that does not. Be careful, but it can be done.
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    Everything in the MCSE path overlaps painfully...

    They could easily have cut out 2 exams if they got organized.
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    Thanks guys !!! I understand your concern Marc.... I am preparing 2 exams, I go through all the material for both exams, even if I already read it for the other one ...... I understand that the 290 is really hard .... I did not book the tests yet, still making up my mind icon_smile.gif

    Anyway ! Thanks a lot
    Working on MCSA and CCNA
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