Router configuration

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Hi All,

I just purchased 4 x 2503 routers from an online auction. Total US$ 750 (AUS $11250), not sure whether this is a good price, as routers are quite expensive down here in OZ, besides a CCNP course could run up to US $5000 +. I am hoping to get a couple of 1900 switches to complete my lab. I am assuming the 2503's are better than 2501 routers as these got ISDN BRI. Right? icon_rolleyes.gif

I am sure this might sound quite silly for some, but I am still finding my way around Cisco equipment, so my question is; how should the typical router - switch configuration be for the CCNP. I am not an expert in setting up labs, so any advice, diagrams and websites are much appreciated.

Thank you :)

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