CallManager Express - what am I missing?

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I'm trying to install CallManager Express onto a Cisco 1760 just to play around with an hopefully learn something from.

I have the latest voice IOS for this router and the latest CallManager Express for this router.

I loaded the IOS image and then started reading through the installation doco for CallManager Express. In the doco it mentions the different tar archives within the zip you download, but my zip is missing the 'cme-basic...' tar archive (which I think holds some of the pages for the CallManager Express GUI, amongst other things).

The zip I downloaded matches the MD5 checksum on the Cisco website.

Does anyone know where these other files may have gotten to?



  • SpudageSpudage Member Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Well I found the file on the cisco website finally and have it working now.

    I still wonder why the documentation speaks of this file as if it is part of the CME main release archive.
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