MCSA, 9-12 months down

any reasonable predictions on the future of this certification once the new generation of MS certs become in gear? Will they have a MCSA on Sever 2007?

I'm going to take my Network+ this month, and then I want to start learning Win2k3 environment.

I have a home lab with Win2k3 server standard, win2k server, 3 winxp pro clients, ubuntu linux client, win2k pro client.

I am thinking about this book:

I plan to take 291 first in Christmas, and then 290 couple of month later, and then 270 by next summer. Will I have enough time to finish all my exams? Is this plan too strenched out?

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    Well it won't be MCSE or MCSA on 2007, but I bet there will be something similar and there will be an upgrade path if you are a current MCSA or E. If it's following the line of the new generation certs for SQL it would be Technology Specialist on Server 2007 or something simliar.
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    If you allready have your MCDST i would sit 270 now, you should breeze through with out any problems.

    If possible i would go for the MS Press training kit, and as many practice exams as possible (training kit comes with some)

    The lab might be best with 2 2k3 servers (maybe a 3rd for 291)

    It seems a good amount of time just give yourself plenty of time for 291..
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