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Hey guys,

As some of you know i passed my ccna last week. I still havent got an email confirming my pass, but on the tracking system website it does say that i have passed my ccna. But there is no information saying that my certificate is being shipped.

I live in Australia so this certificate will probably take 6-8 weeks to get to me. Do you know if i can ask for en electronic one now, then once i get that, change it to a paper one, and then they'll send that out too me?? Or can you only choose 1 type?

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    Double check your email that you used for your test center (Vue or Prometric). I think you'll get an email at that address telling you how to log in at the cert tracking center (that url is also on the score report).

    It takes a couple of days for your first cert to register with Cisco, but once your Cisco ID has been assigned, you should be able to get in at the Cisco Certification Tracking Website -- and it sounds like you are.

    Double check your email address there -- if its different from what you used for your test center registration.

    Got any Spam filters? Or worse -- do you white list your email and **** the rest automatically?

    Under Test History "tab" -- what does it show under the "Certificate Status" link? You should be able to select your "free one" there -- paper or electrons. And if you catch it in the first few days now -- you have an option to pay and "DHL" your free paper copy.

    You can also order an electronic PDF version of the Certificate and Wallet Card for $15US to tide you over while you wait for the free one sent by slow boat. icon_lol.gif Or you cang get the free electronic version, and pay for a paper version (and then pay more to DHL that one). That's under the "Purchase Addition Kit" link on that Test History "tab."

    Only one copy is free. And you can order up to 2 additional copies of each of the electronic and paper. The order amounts get reset when you recertify the certs. The PDFs I've ordered are still available for download -- so I'm not sure why I'd ever need to buy a 2nd copy of the PDF version. icon_confused.gif Oh -- and those PDFs have the "valid through" dates from when I purchased them -- they are not the PDF version of a bottomless cup of coffee. Maybe the links go away, or are re-used for the updated versions if I were to buy those.
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