Anybody in my shoes right now?

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I am 24 years old, have my a+ certification with a diploma in Network Administration from CDI College. Boy at this point i have given up in looking for an IT job, and I feel i wasted 14000 dollars in this school, because it never helped me get in touch with the employers they so called had in getting us a job. Their is absolutly nothing in terms of work in our field. I have been out of school for three months looking for work, and have hit dead ends everywhere. All the companies are looking for experience, and well i just have one year worth of it, and for me i would have to start off in a computer shop making 8 dollars an hour, not enough for me to survive on and make a living, plus most of this computer shops are privatly owned and they dont have the job security and provide the training to actually hold onto the someone and pay them, because they themselves who own the business are having tough time making money off selling or repairing computers, due to the enormous competition they have with bigger companies, and other privatley owned businesses. I have thought of doing my own thing on the side, but every joe in the phone book is doing that, so wont get to far with that. I never got into computers inside out until i went to this tech school, so as far as experience, i need to still get some. I am heading back to the Airlines where i worked as a Customer Service Agent with my Travel And Tourism Diploma, i am hopefully going to network my way through into IT within the Airlines or within the Airport. For now i am picking up the Linux course as i wait for a call for work, hear its pretty cool.

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    Join the current world of IT. Schools are spitting out thousands of people with various certifications and absolutely minimal chance of getting a job.
    Unfortunately most of these places are more concerned about their own income and not if you will ever get one in the IT industry. The reality is that there are so many experienced people out of work in many different countries that for someone to break in to this field is a whole lot more difficult than in the past. Not only is this glut of experienced staff pushing down top and middle level salaries, but is also reflected in starting wages. In many areas places that once paid $9-10 per hour now can pay minimum and still have dozens of applicants to choose from - called Supply & demand. icon_confused.gif
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    Unfortunately, the H1-B visa still takes up a large portion of the Computer industry. There si even proof that the large corpse broke the law here in the states by "laying off" americans to hire from the H1-B pool. This adds to the inability for the inexperienced to get a job here since the market is flooded with Highly experiences people screwed over by big business greed and political figures. If you can get into IT through the airlines, that may be the best way to get in. May have to move though.
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    try to get any job you can in the industry. qualifications alone aren't enough. employers will only give the better jobs to those with experience.
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