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I have a customer that is located in Birmingham, AL , she has a Lexmark X4270 printer there with her. She connects from her Windows XP Professional comp. to another Windows XP Pro comp. in Memphis (where I am) via Remote Desktop. Also, the Memphis site is in a small workgroup of about 5 computers, all Windows XP Pro. no domain, so no IPP or web printing capabilities.

The issue is that she wants to be able to connect to the Memphis Windows XP comp (which she can) and print off finance reports and have them output to that Lexmark X4270 printer in Birmingham, AL. (where she is)

I took the necessary steps to install the appropriate drivers for the Lexmark 4200 series printer on the comp. locally. Only problem I came across was that her printer is USB only. I installed it as a local LPT1 printer, non-detecting anything attached. I cannot seem to select USB001/002 from the available port list. This is driving me nuts!!!

So basically, she connects up... opens the Word Document, and clicks to Print and gets a general "Problem communicating with the printer" error message. Well I thought, obviously she will since Windows thinks it is a local parallel LPT1 connection when it is actually hooked up USB.

Any thoughts on this? Suggestions? Links to resolutions? Anyone have similar problems? I thought RD automatically re-directs printer output to devices when connected but this isn't working. Any help appreciated!



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    There are some printers that simply will not work over remote desktop. If this is one of those all in one deals you might be out of luck.

    If the remote desktop connection is attempting to attach the local printer you'll see entries in the event viewer on the remote machine. maybe you can find more information to troubleshoot your problem there.
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    I found the answer to my own question.

    I found an article that talks about how RDC doesn't support / may not support multi-function devices like all-in-one printers for output redirection to the client pc.

    I told her to try an alternate printer, re-log in and see that the printer now uses port TS001 : PRN4 (compname)

    Worked like a charm, and the alternate printer I set up drivers for was a Canon i850. She's happy, I'm happy :)
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    Yup, if you use the multifunction driver it has a good chance of not working. If you use the printer function only driver, it should work.
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