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I'm looking to find out if there are any other certs related specifically to Linux networking, aside from RHCE or NCLE. (Preferably vendor-neutral.) I've been looking at LPIC and Linux+, but they don't touch on as much as I'd like. The only reason I'm looking at something outside of Novell/SuSE and Redhat is because we're not using either of their products at my workplace. Any info on something beyond Linux+ and LPIC, in the networking area, would be helpful.

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    I appears that you have covered the leading candidates for non-specific Linux certifications. If you are looking for a vendor neutral Linux certification, I'm afraid those are your choices.

    If you are trying to show a broad knowledge of a non-distro specific Linux, I would suggest you get all three, Linux+, LPIC-1 & LPIC-2. That should cover the bases. After that, anything vendor specific would be iceing on the cake. icon_cool.gif
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    Yup what Supertech said. The others like SAIR/GNU seem to have gone bye bye. When looking at LPI you have to look at LPI1 and LPI2 as a set for adequate coverage if you are trying to compare them to Redhat/Novell. There is a planned LPI3 but LPI's site seems to be down hacked or has a disk resource problem right now providing just a logo and 404's for all pages.

    You could also just consider the Novell RHCT over RHCE. What do you use? SUN has certs for Solaris and IBM has certs for AIX. I should also mention that having LPI1 allows you to take a single exam Ubuntu Cert which will heat up with the rising popularity of Ubuntu. you can eyeball that here http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntucert
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