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Hey All,
This is the short run-down of the problem: I try to remote desktop onto another users's computer and well it says connecting and applying settings and the usual stuff that happens, but then all of a sudden BAM! I get disconnected icon_exclaim.gif No error message no nothing, nothing wrong in the logs nothing.. zippo..

I searched everywhere, and the Microsoft Knowledge base, the only thing close i could find was KB # 886212 mentioned something about the client computer having a NVIDIA Driver that causes this, but i seriously doubt this is the problem.

I do have Remote Desktop modifications in the registery and the .dll i'm using the one they didnt release, the one that lets you have more then 1 concurrent RDP connections, the one Microsoft didnt allow b/c it thought it violates the EUP or something, which is still a dispute between them, but anyhow i am running that.

Any suggestions of why this is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks! :D


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    check all your physical connections now. (wires / ports) Make sure everything is working where you are physically.

    did you try to RD in from another computer (perhaps a laptop) ? (perhaps that dll might be an issue)

    Have you checked firewall settings on the host computer? Normally RD will temporarily allow a connection for authorized connections. Also, make sure all the basics are checked, like in System Properties and the Remote tab.

    Are the Username / Password / Domain settings correct on your RD connection? (if it a workgroup of some sort you are connecting to, make sure the Domain is the name of the computer you are connecting to, the host computer) If it is a Domain you are logging into, make sure everything is cool with the name you are connecting to (whether is be an IP address or an actual name like or

    Is this a slow connection? what kind of connection?
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    I'm trying to remote desktop from a laptop connected to the network through the eithernet port of the router. The user computer is connected to the network also through eithernet. I dont think dll is the problem, b/c that dll works fine when i remote desktop onto other computers in the workgroup environment. However, this one perticular computer is acting wierd, it automatically logs me off when i try to remote desktop on to it. The Remote tab on it is set so users can remote desktop onto it. I'm using the built-in Administrator account on that computer, and by default it has permission to remote desktop. So yea i have no idea why this computer only is having this strange problem?

    I hope this helps explain my environment some more.
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    The actual wording of the disconnect error will often clue you into what component of RDP kicked you off.

    It is the host, not the client that limits the number of RDP connections to the host, so only DLL changes at the host would open up the number of connections. If you altered the DLL on the RDP host, try changing it back to the original one.

    Check your event logs, both system and application.
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    The obvious next question to ask is, have you tried to connect from a different computer?
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