70-270 and iNet+ then 70-290 and ???

Hello all -

I am planning on taking CompTIAs iNet+ the same day I drive to the test center to take the MS 70-270.

Mainly I am doing this because ...well...I feel I can pass iNet+ so i might as well do it and be done with it.

If (knock on wood) I pass 70-270 I will then move on to 70-290.

Is there any certification that you would recomend I study for along with 70-290 (note I already have some certs listed to the left).

One friend recomended CCNA and another recomended Server+ and yet another told me to focus only on 70-290.

What do you think?


  • bighornsheepbighornsheep Member Posts: 1,506
    many threads have concluded that CCNA is like 290+291 & Network+.

    Server+ is like A+...but well, for server/network environments. So probably not very suitable with 290, unless if you do not have A+, then you might consider getting Server+ along with your Network+ as the elective of MCSA.

    If there is one cert you might consider along the line of MCSA/MCSE, that would be Security+.
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  • bighornsheepbighornsheep Member Posts: 1,506
    oh wait, n/m, you already have your security+, then in that case for your situation. CCNA is probably a cool reasonable choice.
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  • bcairnsbcairns Member Posts: 280
    heheh ya I decided to get security+ out of the way...mainly because I loved the topic.

    Thanks for the advice, I just read in another thread that CCNA will really help on 290 and 291, your reply seems to confirm this. :D
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