Help please FD and RD

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Hello ppl, just want to ask for your help I am totally confused about Feassible Distance and Reported Distance.

I tried this on a home lab and forgot the rules and I don't want to go back again to search.

Okay I understand the Successor thing and a feassible successor.
If for example my Successor failed and I have a FS then this will become Succesor if ("so this is the confusing part") the Reported distance is less than or equal the FD of the current Successor.
Some site mentioned less than only some less and equal.
Which one is correct?


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    RD is the distance reported from a neighbor to the destination

    FD is the distance including the link cost to the nieghbor and its reported distance to the destination

    the feasible successor has a reported distance less than the feasible distance of the successor route
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    So it should be less than because on my lab it showing the RD is = to the FD of the Successor.

    So it will not become a Successor since it should be less than not equal.
    I tried the debug ip fsm and it''s giving me a lot of info.

    thanks anyway..
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