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I have taken 228 exam twice and failed. I think my appoach to study is wrong. Could someone please guide me on how to study for this exam?


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    Since I haven't taken the exam (although I've taken college classes that covered 228 and 229 content, have multiple books for the exams, and work with it on a daily basis), I'm not sure I can tell you how to pass the administrator exam... instead, why don't you explain how you studied for your last two exams (and any prerequisite knowledge you have administering SQL Server) and I'd be more than happy (as I'm sure others would as well) to offer advice to better prepare for the next attempt.

    Do you at least have a copy of SQL Server 2000 Developer edition? I'm not sure if it is still available, but it was discounted pretty heavily on Amazon when I purchased it. What's nice about the Developer edition is that it has the same features as Enterprise Edition, and it can run quite nicely on a number of client OS's.

    If you can find/afford it, get the MS SQL Server 2000 System Administration book and lab manual and perform all the labs until you can read the task, and perform the steps without reading them.

    Although I have barely scratched the surface of it this past year, I plan to read through the 228 sections of the All-In-One MCDBA SQL Server 2000 Exam Guide (Osborne/McGrawHill) prior to taking the exam.

    I would love to hear your feedback from your first two attempts, because that gives you a unique advantage to someone who has not attempted them.

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    Working on MCTS:SQL Server 2005 (70-431) & Server+
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    I think you need some tests to work on at home
    Transcender tests are highly recommended on forums

    there is a big difference between what is in the book and what is on the exam
    you have a "real world" questions on the exam for which you don't have all the answers in books or videos

    that's why the practice tests are great. you can get the picture of what to expect on the real exam and + you have answers and explanations for every question. so if the option is wrong they tell you why it is wrong
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