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I just finished with my A+ cert last friday and have no clue where to start on getting the MCSE cert. I found the link for MCSE requirements. From what I gather, it appears to be 6 exams all together to get the 2003 cert starting from scratch? Also, I read on here that possibly the a+ can count as an elective. I did not see that anywhere however on microsoft's page but did see ComptIA Network+. Can A+ work as an elective as well?


which exam would you guys recommend starting with to get MCSE and what seems to be the best book(s) out there? After reading some other posts, I will go out on a limb and say a good start would be 70-270 and the corresponding sybex textbook?i

(Background is 6 months in the IT field)

Thank you all for input and suggestions.


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    I think it's 7 exams...

    Start with the XP client exam 270. This will give you a feel for the ms exams and you probably already have experience with xp. The MS Press books will get you started, but don't rely on only one tesing prep material.

    If you're only 6 months into this, don't be concerned with the mcse just yet, just get the xp exam done and then evaluate if you're ready for mcdst or mcsa. Mcse is not an entry level cert, and you are still entry level engineer.
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    For MCSA, you must take 270 (or 210), 290 and 291. Then you choose an elective in which A+/Net+ (you must have both) can be used as an MCSA elective.

    For MCSE, you must have 270 (or 210), 290, 291, 293, 294 and a choice of 297 or 298. Then you need an elective.

    Note, not all the MCSA electives can be used as an elective for MCSE, but most of the MCSE electives can be used for MCSA. A+/Net+ cannot be used as an elective for MCSE for example.

    I would suggest starting in the test number sequence: 270, 290, 291. Get your MCSE elective when you have completed these three so you'll at least have an MCSA. Then continue with the MCSE track.

    If you choose 298 for your design, and Sec+ for your elective, then you'll only need one more security elective to get Security specialization.
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    Great info guys.
    my employer is suppose to be hooking me up with the CBT nuggets for 70-270 as well as the MS book and an examcram book so that will be a solid start.

    Thanks alot,
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