Diference betwen default Windows and Radius autentification

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I have confgiured , for my 70-291 , a DC with routing and access role , and I'm am icon_eek.gif , what's the diference betwen . RADIUS and Windows authentification ? can someone expliain me ?

Thank's ! :P
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    Windows authentication uses Windows (usually AD) security principles and their configuration to determine what access the user should get.
    RADIUS authentication uses a RADIUS server to determine if and what access a login should get. Now the RADIUS server in turn could use AD to get information to authenticate and authorize the RRAS login.

    IAS is essentially a RADIUS server service that comes with Windows 2K/2K3 and can optionally be installed and used.
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    Lets say you had 10 RRAS servers. You'd have to manage authentication on each of those RRAS Servers. Instead, you can choose 1 server as your Radius server and have all RRAS servers point to that Radius server for authentication. Basically, you're making it so you only have to manage 1 server for authentication instead of 10.

    Also, on very large networks, you can also have a radius proxy forward authentication requests to multiple Raidus servers for load balancing/fault tolerance.

    IAS is Microsoft's implementation of Radius.
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