Guys i need advice on what to do..

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Hey all, well i am looking to advance my career and move on from my current job to a new one. So i landed an interview on friday that went really well and might be called in to interview with the CTO when he returns from vacation. Now i have another interview tomorrow and another interview possibly monday. I am very happy that i am being called in to interview for IT Jobs but i dont know what i should do about my current employment. Ive used up my vacation days and cant keep calling out just like that....I definitly do not want to give up these great opportunities by not going to the interviews.. What should i do? Any advice would be greatly! appreciated. Thanks!.


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    I've struggled with the same issue you bring up. If you don't want to burn up all your vacation time, I would suggest trying to schedule these interviews over a lunch period and then ask your boss if you can take longer than normal lunch to run some errands.

    Do your best not to burn your current job though by not showing up.
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    Take some unpaid days off, think of it as an investment in a better paying job. Or inquire about after hours interviews or weekend interviews.
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    Advise your boss that you may, in the near future, require time off for important appointments. It's not their concern as the the nature of the appointments. Let them know you are willing to make up extra hours as needed due to the importance of the appointments and that confidentiality is required. Employers are usually very respectful of such requests when you show that your willing to make up for it.
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    Thanks guys for all your advice, I'm not too sure how to handle the whole situation yet but lucky for me, my boss is very nice and understanding but my supervisor can be a huge tool. I will not give up these interviews, as the companies that are interviewing me are willing to pay nearly 3 times my current salary. Hopefully i can figure something out and try to plan ahead. Thanks everyone.
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    Well I've found that interviewers are often going to sympathize with you having a busy schedule and doing a lunch interview might be an option.
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