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Have any of you thought of starting a small computer shop? While I always wanted to work at one in high school, I never did get the opportunity (there were only family-run ones in my hometown). Someday when I'm done with school and I'm back to the real world, I think I'm gonna really consider it. May not be too profitable, but I think I would love to repair and maintain people's computers, maybe even sell new or upgrade packages. I'd definately have to do research on the business end of it, but I'm sure there are tons of computer geeks here in Colorado who would do an excellent job working for me. icon_cool.gif Anyway, my two pesos.


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    Do your research before you start.

    Location, location, location.

    Electronics in general tend to actract theft problems...typically look at the employees first, but don't assume it's them, they 'know' the store the best and have the best opportunity. Do I have stories of the employees I caught!!....but I'm not telling icon_twisted.gif

    You don't want to sit on stock for too long, but your margin will be paper thin on things like Video Cards and Processors.

    It's pretty certain, you'll never have the buying power like Dell or CompUSA for pricing margin but you can have better service so there is a trade-off.

    It's tough. It is possible. But there are better businesses to enter into if you are looking to be a business owner. FWIW
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