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If I use an ASR backup, and get it saved to a share /mapped drive on another server, when rebuilding and running ASR on the downed server will it map to shares on my other server where the ASR backup is stored?
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    It should , but the best practice is using a "local" tape drive , not a mapped drive on a remote server icon_lol.gif
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    Hi, I think I tried that but that's a no go.

    When using ASR, it will ask you for a local path... you can's specify a remote share or an UNC path.

    During the restore process all data previously found on the System partition (usually C:) will be erased, then XP/2003 will be reinstalled, and the data from the ASR backup will be restored's_asr_in_windows_xp_2003.htm
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    It can't connect to the shared drive because you don't have an OS yet to connect to the shared drive during the ASR install.

    But then, the part that's needed for the early portion of the install is supposed to be on a floppy which configures the partitioning of the system/boot drives. Once the OS is installed, then it runs the restore process from tape/file. The problem is though, you don't have a mapping or even a network yet.
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