Close but no cigar any ideas

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Hi all,
I failed my first attempt yesterday with a 600.....

I read the Sybex book, did 5 transenders simulated exams, watched NuggetLabs training vids....

Has anyone got any material that they recommend studying that is relevant to the exam and extrememly helpful?




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    Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Any areas you had particular trouble with that you didn't feel was adequately covered by the Sybex book? Do you have the latest edition of the Sybex? May want to supplement with Syngress. Syngress provides overkill detail, but sometimes those details can become important. On the otherhand, Syngress doesn't update their material with the latest stuff (such as added features included with SP1 and R2), where both the test and Sybex do. Example: Group Policy Manager.
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    fredefrede Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I probably should not offer you suggestions because I failed my first 2 attempts with 638 and 679. Anyway here's my take. In the 679 attempt, I got 2 sections 100% correct, 2 sections 75% correct and 1 section 50%. The 50% was DHCP for which I got 3 very hard, and convoluted questions. Guess I got them wrong..... Funny because I got 100% correct on DCHP in my first attempt. IMO I feel one must prep for weakness in every section every time. I think my experience bears that out.

    I plan to go again next week for my free retake. It's free because I complained to Pearson about the system freezing during both exams. Had to reboot 5 times the first exam and 3 times the 2nd. This was a distraction that sure did not help with my scores. Anyway, going to a different testing center this time. Maybe my luck will change.
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    Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    Yes, the tests do freeze, usually no more than a minute or two. I think it occured to me with each 29x level tests. Very annoying. I don't know if it helped or was only a placebo, but I would hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, get an error that taskmanager was locked by administrator (I suspected/expected that), OK out of the popup dialog, and soon after the test would respond again.

    With the 294 test, the test restarted after question 6, but restarted to where I left off, so no loss there.
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    Ricardo1Ricardo1 Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
    The materials you're using are not bad.

    You just need to focus more on where you score less on the print out you got after writing.

    I wish you all the best of Luck on your next try.

    I'll be facing it next month.
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    geekiegeekie Member Posts: 391
    Has anyone got any material that they recommend studying that is relevant to the exam and extrememly helpful?

    Do you have a practice lab setup? I like to use Virtual Server but VMware is another option. It's a free download and provides an easy to use environment for you to learn in.
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