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Hi all,
I had a question referring to a DNS root zone. The question said that basically DNS was corrupt and not resolving external web addresses. It said your clients could still resolve internal intranet sites but not externally.

Is the correct answer to delete the root zone in dns...


forward zone.


  • SlowhandSlowhand Mod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    Normally, that is a good solution. If there's no other information, if the root zone isn't needed for anything, the correct answer is to delete it from your dns server(s) to allow your clients to resolve internet name addresses.

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  • Danman32Danman32 Member Posts: 1,243
    If you have the root zone defined ('.' [dot]), then the buck stops with you. As far as the DNS is concerned YOU are the root, YOU are the internet. Forwarders nor root hints can be used. When you delete the root (dot) zone and restart the DNS manager, then the forwarder configuration dialog becomes enabled.

    This used to be a big problem with W2K, as under some situations, the dot zone would be automatically created when creating a new forest. Then clients would call and ask why they can't configure the forarding tab. Answer: delete the dot zone, restart the managment console (I have no idea why it is that you have to do this, but you do), then the forwarding tab works.
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    Thanks danman! icon_smile.gif

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